When it comes to roofing in Meriden trust City Roofing and Siding and their nearly 60 years of exeperience in the roofing business!

Our roofing contractor services:

Installing a new roof is an investment to your home and of course as any other investment, you want to make sure your money is well spent. With our nearly 60 years of experience in the roofing business in Meriden, CT, Southington CT and surrounding areas, you can be assured that we will perform an excellent job. When installing your new roof, cleanliness, safety, professionalism, and respect of your property are keys in our business.

We will protect your landscape, painted surfaces, decks, walkways and driveways to prevent potential damages. In addition, we will assure that the products you selected will be installed properly while complementing the style of your home. We will inform you about the specific terms of the product warranty and installation techniques as recommended by the manufacturer, and as per the regulations of local building codes.

Shingles from 25-yr to lifetime warranty – Dozens of styles, colors, textures and manufacturers.

Roofing installation – what to expect:

Scheduling a roof installation can vary based upon many factors, most often weather. At the time the contract is signed, a tentative start and finish date will be set. As the agreed starting date approaches, we will contact you about any material delivery or work being started. Should weather be an issue while your job is in progress, your property is left in a safe and secure manner, and our employees will return to your job as soon as conditions allow.

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