Home Improvement Industry Affected by COVID-Related Supply Shortages 

As COVID-19 still impacts our daily lives, the housing improvement industry continues to experience supply shortages. Contractors are unable to provide timely services and are more limited in the materials available for home improvement projects. Limiting the spread of COVID-19 has not reduced obstacles in the supply chain. Contractors continue to experience shortages in crucial materials, delaying home improvement projects of every type. Customer satisfaction is City Roofing’s top priority, but these shortages have hindered our ability to meet customer needs in a timely manner. 

Supply Chain Obstacles

Supply chain shortages begin at raw material suppliers, affecting subsequent steps in the production process. Staffing shortages, increased demand, and COVID restrictions leave raw material suppliers and manufacturers struggling to keep up, causing a ripple effect that affects the entire home improvement industry.

Skilled laborers are in high demand, and many suppliers are experiencing staffing shortages, bottlenecking the production and shipping process. 

Project Delays

The home improvement industry’s continued growth over the last decade has been abruptly slowed by these production obstacles. Home improvement contractors are experiencing an influx of projects but the supply chain shortages remain, causing delays in projects of all types, and limiting the selection of materials and colors available to consumers. This limits our ability to ensure projects are completed in a timely manner and increased raw material pricing is shouldered by the consumer. This pricing uncertainty decreases the longevity of initial contract quotes, putting time constraints on the contractor and the customer. Act fast and get a free quote today!

City Roofing’s Recommendations

Customers who are considering home improvement projects or are in the process of designing a project with us are encouraged to move forward with these plans shortly after receiving a free quote to lock in the proposed price. Supply chain uncertainty has reduced the amount of time in which a quoted price remains accurate. Currently, industry experts predict that the housing improvement market prices will not stabilize until mid-to-late 2023. Contact us for a free quote to seize the opportunity to start a home improvement project today!