When your roof sustains damage, it’s important to know when to replace versus repair your roof.

Whether or not your roof has been damaged, a professional roof inspection should be conducted as your roof ages to determine life expectancy. Professional inspection can reveal signs of failure, premature areas of concern or damaged shingles.

Heavy damage, such as punctures or other physical-impact damage, would likely require partial removal and replacement of the roofing system for effective repair of sheathing (plywood or boards) under the shingles.

An additional area of concern is potential growth of mold and algae on the shingles, which can damage the surface of shingles, shortening life expectancy. Professional roofers should do this removal in order to prevent these damages.

Water damage from small leaks in sidewalls, chimney flashings, and valleys also might not require a costly, complete roof replacement. A professional inspection will determine if these accessory areas of a roofing system need attention.

These repairs can only be performed if intersecting areas of shingles are flexible and can be replaced without causing further damage. If you’re unsure about how to handle your damaged roof, call City Roofing & Siding (the experts) at (860) 621-5656 for a professional inspection or more information.